Meghan Markle bombshell: What caused Duchess ‘friction when dating’ revealed

Meghan grew up with divorced parents and often found she had to mediate between the two of them. She learned to be a “skilled diplomat” but sometimes felt like she had to pick sides. According to the 2019 book ‘Meghan: A Hollywood Princess’, the Duchess of Sussex increasingly found she was having to “mother” her own father.

Royal biographer Andrew Morton wrote: “The older she became, the more she felt she was the one who was mothering her father.

“It was a source of friction especially when she started dating.

“As a friend notes: ‘Typical teenage stuff’.”

Despite this, Meghan dated several boys in high school, including at least two from the same school – the all-boys St Francis High School.

Meghan even joined St Francis’ school drama plays in order to spend time with her then-boyfriend.

Her first long-term boyfriend was called Luis Segura and it was his sister Maria who set the couple up on their first date.

The pair dated for nearly two years and Meghan got to know his family well, including his younger brother Danny who she eventually went to prom with.

Through this family, Meghan became friendly with other boys from St Francis.

Luis, now a successful realtor, described Meghan as “sweet and fun”.

The future Duchess of Sussex was even crowned Homecoming Queen at St Francis.

Mr Morton said: “It was an indication of her popularity and appeal that a girl who was neither a cheerleader neither hailed form one of the local all-girls Catholic schools was chosen.”

Meghan’s appearance in St Francis’ play Oedipus Rex reportedly attracted many more people to see the show than normal.

The audience apparently applauded when Meghan first appeared on the stage.

Her drama teacher told Mr Morton: “A lot of pupils went to the show just to see Meghan. She certainly had a fan club.

“Quite a few of the boys had crushes on her.”

Of course, none of these relationships ever worked out and Meghan met Prince Harry in July 2016.

The pair began dating and eventually tied the knot in May last year.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex then announced that Meghan was pregnant and she gave birth to baby Archie two months ago.

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