Meghan Markle and Prince Harry accused of ‘whining’ over exit from the Royal Family

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Meghan and Harry were right to step back from royal duties but appear to have made this life-changing choice too quickly after their Royal Wedding, Canadian royal commentator Patricia Treble said. She wrote in her website Write Royalty: “Abandoning royal duty was their right. 

“In Finding Freedom, it’s the ultimate power play, as Harry and Meghan take control of their lives and build a new life.

“Doing so less than two years into their joint lifetime commitment is also the ultimate whine.”

Reviewing the newly-released biography of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex by authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, Ms Treble analysed some of the issues Meghan and Harry have had with the media and other members of the Royal Family over the past two years according to the book.

On one hand, the commentator believes some of the sticking points in Finding Freedom “are whines”, including the so-called tiara gate and Kate’s birthday present to Meghan being dismissed. 

On the other, Ms Treble acknowledges the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have faced intense media scrutiny since becoming one of the biggest stories in the modern history of the Royal Family.

However, she added, other royals had also gone through a similar treatment over the past decades.

She wrote: “Yet that wasn’t exactly a new situation for the Windsors. 

“The royals have been dealing with intense media coverage for years.

“They’ve built coping mechanisms.

“But Harry and Meghan’s skins seemed to get thinner and thinner in Finding Freedom.

“They were reading their own press and their distress grew with every critical and/or fake or fluffy article, every reader comment filled with vitriol and racism. 

“They wanted to change the rules, and, when the press didn’t fall in line, they left.”

Mr Scobie, who said to have had confirmed any claim made in his book by at least two sources, recently said Meghan and Harry had tried to reform the press system.

He told The Cut: “In the summer of 2019, Harry actually had a conversation amongst his team and his senior aides within Buckingham Palace about restructuring that press system and making him and Meghan more accessible to a wider, more diverse media landscape.

“And the answer was well, ‘If you want to do that, you can pay for your own engagements’.”   

This answer, according to the royal reporter, may have put in motion Megxit.

He continued: “And so that was the first seed of, well, ‘Maybe we will break away, maybe we will do our own thing’.”

Contacted by at the time of this interview, Buckingham Palace refused to comment on this claim.

Meghan and Harry eventually stepped down as senior royals in late March, days before flying across the Canadian border and settling down in California with their son Archie. 

After having spent a few months at producer Tyler Perry’s house, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex now live in Montecito, Santa Barbara.

The pair, who were given 12 months of time by the Queen to rethink their decision to break away from the Royal Family, are now focusing their attention to causes they deeply care about.

Most recently, Prince Harry debuted on Netflix appearing on the documentary Rising Phoenix, entirely focused on the Paralympics and parathletes.

Meghan has been taking part in conversations surrounding the importance of casting a ballot at the upcoming US election.

Earlier this week, she appeared alongside with feminist Gloria Steinem, with whom she touched upon the issue of representation in politics for women of colour, voting rights and feminism.    

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