Meghan Markle and Harry ‘taking focus away from REAL Royal Family’ with Jubilee snub

Prince Harry ‘manipulating’ Queen’s Jubilee says Levin

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Royal biographer Angela Levin fumed at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for distracting from the Royal Family as they encouraged speculation on their attendance at the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. The royal expert claimed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were deliberately prolonging confirmation of their attendance at the Jubilee service in order to retain public attention and media glare. Together with Talk TV’s Mike Graham, Ms Levis slammed the conduct of the couple and their recent interview comments to US networks.

Ms Levin said: “Harry is going to supervise his grandmother from five thousand miles away because he’s concerned.”

Radio host Mike Graham raged: “he came straight off a plane, straight into NBC studios, the Today programme, to spill the beans on what Granny told him in a meeting which should have been private and personal.” 

The broadcaster condemned Prince Harry’s interview with US network NBC in which he claimed he wanted to “protect” the Queen.

He continued: “We hear nothing more now, he said all that, and then he said ‘oh I might come back for the Jubilee’ but we’re not sure if he’s coming.

“I haven’t heard whether he’s coming – do you know?”

She said: “What I feel very upset about is that it’s only a month away and anybody knows that you need to be polite about these things, especially for royals.

“They need some sort of protection, they need somewhere to stay and the seating plan needs to be changed.”

The royal expert continued: “They’re not telling them that they’re coming and I think that’s a way of being popular.

“People want to know what they’re doing – when are they coming? Are they coming yet?

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“They’re taking the focus away from the real royal family and actually playing games about will we won’t we’.”

“I think that’s very unkind,” she added, “they must know whether they can come, they’ve got the money to come.”

Ms Levin continued: “The Queen and the government have bent over backwards to give them the security they want.”

Prince Harry remains embroiled in a court case with the Home Office over his family’s security within the UK.

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Prince Harry and Meghan recently made a low-profile visit to Windsor Castle where they met with the Queen and other members of the royal family.

This trip marked the couple’s first venture to the UK together since they stepped back from official royal duties.

Prince Harry had previously claimed there were safety concerns that prevented him and his family from visiting the UK.

The couple has reportedly been invited to the summer Platinum Jubilee celebrations but the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are yet to confirm their attendance. 

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