Meghan ‘got what she wanted’ in ‘deliberate’ photoshoot

Meghan Markle fan wants to give her a place at coronation

Meghan Markle “got what she wanted” she was photographed on a hike with close friends Markus Anderson and Heather Dorak the day after King Charles’s Coronation

The Duchess of Sussex, who chose to remain in California for the historic event, grinned for the cameras in the picturesque streets of Montecito.

The 41-year-old dressed up in black leggings and a black top with hiking boots, a red scarf, sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat.

But 6PR Radio Broadcaster Oliver Peterson has claimed the photo opportunity was “deliberate”.

He told Sky News Australia: “She has obviously done this deliberately, right? She wants that snap.

“She got what she wanted, we’re talking about it and she’s on the frontpage.”

It comes as Meghan threw an A-list birthday party for her eldest son Archie this weekend, where insiders says there will be a ban on alcohol and single-use plastics as well as snowflake superheroes.

LA-based author Lisa Gaché has revealed the ‘ethically woke’ themes Meghan will likely be looking to include at the party including a ban on single-use plastics and ‘snowflake’ superheroes.

While a British insider explained how Montecito parents like to use parties “show off their credentials” as celebrities.

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They told the Daily Telegraph: “I went to one Montecito party where the parents were appalled to find an actress dressed up as a princess.

“Apparently their daughters were being taught a ‘narrow version of femininity’. Still, the little girls loved it.”

Gaché went on to explain Archie would have to accept Safespace and Snowflake would be the two Marvel heroes if he wanted a superhero party.

While party bags are likely to be ethically sourced, swapping single-use plastic for wooden cutlery and plates.

Gaché added there will be no alcohol for the parents, “Alcohol is frowned upon for kids’ parties in Montecito.

“The Duke and Duchess are conscious of mental health and raising kids in an appropriate manner, I doubt they would serve it.”

The UK source agreed: “There’s no chance of having a glass of Champagne.

“It’s all rather twee and an excuse to show off your credentials as a parent and a human being rather than relax and have some fun in the sun.”

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