Meghan gives Harry a ‘love he’s never felt before’

Sarah Ferguson reveals Diana is ‘always with her’

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Sarah Ferguson has gushed about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, saying the Duchess of Sussex gives him a “love he’s never felt before”. Empathising with the California-based couple, Fergie said: “I divorced, went to America, wrote a book, went on Oprah…I looked to America to support me and to help me and I really can’t thank the American people enough for what they gave me and what they did for me.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex quit as senior working royals in 2020 in favour of more freedom and the ability to earn their own money in the US, before giving a bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey in March 2021.

Similarly, the Duchess of York, 63, divorced Prince Andrew and 1996, before heading Stateside where she told Oprah royal life is “not a fairy tale”.

She told PA: “So, I believe very strongly that I have absolutely no judgment on any other person’s life, and I look at how much she loves him and loves the children and gives him a love that he’s never had before. That’s how I look at it.”

Earlier in March, Sarah offered a golden advice to those in the family experiencing rifts: “Forgiveness is key.”

While speaking at an event promoting her book ‘A Most Intriguing Lady’, she said Princess Diana and Charles would both be proud of Harry and Prince William.

“Diana and I, we played a lot and had a great time,” Sarah told the crowd.

“I feel like she would be absolutely, and so is the King, so proud of their grandchildren and the family… I think forgiveness is key.”

It comes after Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell, said Harry and Meghan will likely receive an “icy” reception sitting at the coronation among family who feel they have been “pushed under the bus”.

“If Harry comes to the coronation, it will make him relevant again because he will have a tale to tell again,” he said on behalf of Slingo.

“But can you imagine how isolated he will feel being sat in Westminster Abbey amongst his family who he’s pushed under the bus.

“It’s going to be quite icy and I think that’s what the media are looking for, they are looking for those cracks, that confrontation and I think that might be a distraction from the actual reason we’re watching the coronation.”

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Meanwhile, Sarah also splashed the details about the moment when she and Diana got arrested at a nightclub on ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’.

“It was extraordinary, because we went to a nightclub, of course, you go to a nightclub with the Princess of Wales, then Princess of Wales,” Sarah said.

“We sat down, and the waiter came up to us and said, ‘excuse me, this is a members club … it’s for fun and we don’t serve police officers here.

“We were then arrested … we go in the back of the van.”

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