Mason Greenwood apologises after being filmed inhaling laughing gas

England footballer Mason Greenwood has apologised for his “poor judgement” after being filmed inhaling laughing gas.

Greenwood, 18, says he has “now been made aware of the health risks associated with the practice” and “strongly urged others not to follow his example”.

It comes after a “historical” video of the Manchester United star inhaling the substance emerged on Snapchat.

This was just days before Greenwood was dropped from the England squad after admitting breaching coronavirus guidelines.

He and his England teammate Phil Foden, 20, were sent back to the UK and are now training away from the rest of the players after they invited two local women back to their hotel room in Reykjavik, Iceland. They have both apologised.

Greenwood said of the latest incident: “I have now been made aware of the health risks associated with this practice and accept that even trying it, as shown in these historical pictures, was poor judgement on my part.

“I strongly urge others not to follow my example. As an 18-year-old I am learning all the time, however, this week I have also learned that I will be judged to a higher standard because of my career as a footballer and I must respect that in future.

“I am determined to repay the faith shown in me by my manager and coaches.”

Nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, is legal, but only if used for medicinal or commercial purposes.

It is illegal to sell or offer to someone else as a psychoactive drug.

It starves the brain and the rest of the body of oxygen, which can give a temporary feeling of euphoria, but can cause unpleasant side effects.

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