Man who spent May 2020 in a coma erupts at Boris Johnson ‘sitting on patio quaffing wine’

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An LBC caller who spent May 2020 on a ventilator as a result of coronavirus has savaged Boris Johnson for “sitting on a patio quaffing wine” amid public anger at partying at Downing Street during the pandemic. Recalling his time on a ventilator, Jamie from Newport described it as a month filled with “nightmares, flashbacks, and hallucinations.”

Jamie told LBC: “I was ventilated for 34 days, I missed May completely.

“I woke up the second of June, the whole month for me was a combination of nightmares, flashbacks, and hallucinations.

“So it’s one to forget really, it certainly wasn’t sitting on a patio, quaffing wine and eating pizza.”

Asked how he is now, Jamie replied: “I’m very limited in what I can manage, my lung function at about 20 percent capacity.

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“I have complex PTSD, I have gone from running services with 120 service users to having to be supervised in the kitchen in case I’ll leave the gas on.

“I’m just not functioning at all.”

LBC host Nick Ferrari asked: “How long is this likely to be the situation?”

“This is likely to be for the rest of my life, Nick, my career is in ruins,” replied Jamie.

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It comes as the SNP’s Ian Blackford has called on Conservative MPs to boot Boris Johnson out of office. 

Mr Blackford told Sky News: “Let’s not forget, this is a man that progued parliament, he shut down parliament was found wanting in the highest court of the land, a man that’s prepared to breach international treaties.

“A man that puts his friends into the House of Lords when they gave large sums of money to the Conservative Party.

“All the scandal over the refurbishment of the flat in Downing Street, this is a man that’s cavalier in his approach to government.

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“I have to say I don’t believe he’s fit for purpose, I don’t believe he’s fit to be Prime Minister.”

He added: “In the end, this is going to come down to the Conservative MPs.

“They know at this stage… they recognise that they can’t tolerate this man as Prime Minister anymore, he has to go. I suspect he won’t resign in his own volition. He needs to be removed because and this is not hyperbole, this is a man that’s actually a threat to our democracy because of the way that it behaves.

“He’s treating Government, Number 10 as his personal plaything and it has to end.”

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