King Charles ‘very pleased with himself’ after cracking joke with Wrexham owner

Welcome to Wrexham season 2 official trailer

King Charles had everyone in stitches when he paid a visit to Wrexham AFC’s stadium last year.

The monarch’s witty humour came as he and Queen Camilla were given a tour of the club’s Racecourse Ground stadium, by Hollywood actors turned football club owners Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds.

The hilarious moment was featured in the first episode of the pair’s hit Disney+ series, Welcome to Wrexham.

Shaking hands with Charles, the sitcom actor said he now calls Los Angeles home but is originally from Philadelphia, to which King Charles quipped back: “I hear it’s always sunny there,” in a reference to the popular comedy,It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – which Rob co-created.

And it appears the monarch was chuffed with himself after cracking his playful one-liner.

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Shortly after King Charles’s witty remark, Wrexham’s executive director, Humphrey Ker explained to Metro whether he thought the gag was deliberate: “He [King Charles] knew full well.

“He was very pleased with his joke and he said that he’s got people to tell him, keep him abreast of what’s going on and set him up for these sorts of things. They had a great time,” he went on to say.

It appears Rob wasn’t the only person tickled by King Charles’ joke as fans at home were also in bits over it too.

One entertained fan @thismyshow took to Twitter saying: “King Charles making an “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” reference to @RMcElhenney on the season premiere of @WrexhamFX was so wild.”

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Another user @catosaurusmgc penned: “Shut up that’s so funny [laughing face emoji] never pegged King Charles as a sunny fan.”

A third fan @chrisistiredfr was in disbelief, noting: “Is this real wtf that’s hilarious.”

With @pqdres sharing: “The king of England knowing about it’s always sunny in Philadelphia doesn’t sit right with me…”

It comes after Ryan admitted he and Rob took part in a “monarchy boot camp” ahead of their Royal visit.

Speaking in the show’s trailer, the Deadpool star revealed: “So the King of England called. We went to monarchy boot camp. It’s like the military except your pinky’s always up.”

The pair then met with their etiquette coach, Lisa Gache, who ran them through the importance of posture and how they should get up from a chair, along with a series of dos and don’ts when in the presence of royalty.

Although the acting duo were clued up with all the tips of tricks of hosting a monarch at their club they certainly didn’t expect Charles to drop his cracker of a joke.

Welcome to Wrexham is available to stream on Disney+.

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