Killer suspect’s sick Lord of the Rings double-death fantasy

The sister of a murdered teacher has opened up about her death after she was found at her home in Glasgow on Tuesday. Police launched a hunt for her then-missing fiance David Yates, 36. His body was found in a reservoir two days ago. Relatives of Marelle insisted the popular teacher was happy with Yates and that they were looking forward to being parents. Speaking of their shock at the brutal double death, sister Sarah Sturrock told well-wishers posting messages on her social media pages that she was struggling with it all.

She said: “I just can’t take this in. They were so happy. Marelle was looking forward to her baby.”

A police announcement of Yates’s death comes as we reveal he was a Lord of the Rings fanatic who nicknamed Marelle after a character who, chillingly, was involved in a doomed double death.

The killer was also obsessed with swords from the famous fantasy novels – reports the Daily Record.

It’s understood he nicknamed her “Luthien” – a Lord of the Rings character who chooses to die after her lover, Beren, is killed by a werewolf in the novels.

In a Facebook post, he wrote: “Big shout out to Marelle, my very own Luthien.”

The names Luthien and Beren also appear on the gravestone of Lord of the Rings’ author JRR Tolkien and his wife, Edith.

Friends have confirmed Yates had an obsession with swords from the Lord of the Rings fantasy novels.

On his social media, he posed with a Lord of the Rings sword he had been given as a present.

That prompted much-loved teacher Marelle to joke online that is what happens when she leaves him “home alone”.

He named the couple’s dog Samwise Gamgee, a character in the book.

Yates also gained a big online following with his Lord of the Rings-themed podcast – titled Tol’ Tales: A Charity Reading of The Lord of the Rings – on Facebook.

A source said: “David absolutely loved Lord of the Rings and it was clear to see. He named his pet after a character from the books and films and he came up with a nickname for Marelle from the stories. Nobody really saw any problem with it but the fact that the Luthien character was involved in this strange double death is chilling.”

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