Kate’s nickname exposed: Prince William using ‘sweet’ moniker for Duchess of Cambridge

Kate Middleton: Expert reveals nickname given at University

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Prince William’s “sweet” nickname for his wife the Duchess of Cambridge has been revealed to be “poppet”. In public, the Duke and Duchess are formally known as William and Catherine and during engagements, the Prince always refers to his wife by her full name. However, in private he adopts the “endearing” nickname for his wife of ten years. 

Royal experts on The List reported that “At official engagements and interviews, William routinely refers to his wife as Catherine rather than Kate.”

“In private, however, or at least when he’s not speaking to the public, the Prince has a more endearing name for her than that.” 

“Reportedly, Prince William is regularly overheard referring to his wife as ‘poppet'” 

Poppet is a British term of endearment that means sweet or pretty child. 

The Duchess of Cambridge has previously revealed that her childhood nickname was ‘Squeak’. 

She said in an interview, “I was nicknamed Squeak just like my guinea pig. There was called Pip and one called Squeak because my sister was called Pippa and I was called Squeak.” 

Other royal nicknames that have been used in private include Prince Philip’s lifelong habit of calling the Queen ‘cabbage’. 

Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, also refer to one another as ‘Fred and Gladys’ from a joke that has stemmed from their first relationship in the late seventies. 

Prince William and Kate recently celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary. 

To mark the occasion, they released a short video on their social media platforms of the couple and their young family playing in the sand dunes of a beach and toasting marshmallows. 

The couple was married on April 29, 2011 at Westminster Abbey after an 8-year courtship. 

Their wedding was a huge celebration throughout the UK and was viewed by over 60 million people across the globe. 


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Since then, Prince William and Kate have cemented themselves as leading figures within the monarchy. 

The couple met whilst studying at the University of St Andrews in 2001. They were both enrolled as Art History students and were residing at St Salvator’s halls of residence. 

After living together during their second year, it is believed that their relationship turned romantic in 2003. 

The Duke and Duchess recently re-visited St Andrews and their old halls of residence to speak to current students.

Prince William spoke of his “great joy” at meeting Catherine at the Scottish university and told the General Assembly that it was one of his “happiest memories”.

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