Kate forced into paced strategy to royal duty to avoid ‘eclipsing’ Prince Charles

Kate Middleton's strategy' to avoid 'eclipsing' Prince Charles

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Fashion expert Bethan Holt appeared on the Royally Obsessed podcast to reflect on the Duchess of Cambridge’s 40th birthday and the impact she has had on the Royal Family. Kate knows a lifetime of royal duties is ahead of her and understands other Royal Family members need a moment in the spotlight, Ms Holt said. But she noted Kate’s “clever” fashion choices were allowing her to make an impact in a much more subtle way.

Speaking on the Royally Obsessed podcast, Ms Holt discussed how Kate was getting “so good” at using her fashion to send a message.

Ms Holt pointed out links between Kate’s choice of clothing at her carol service in Westminster Abbey and Prince Philip’s funeral.

Kate wore a red version of the Catherine Walker coat she wore at Prince Philip’s funeral in a nod to his absence from the royal Christmas celebrations.

She explained the fashion choice was “clever”, adding: “That’s not this kind of big flashy designer statement.

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“But it’s really using clothes to send a message and she’s just becoming so good at that.

“I hope more of that in the months and years to come.”

Ms Holt also said Kate was fully aware she would be put on front pages whenever she steps out and so her choice of fashion is extremely important to send a message.

Ms Fiorito continued: “More red carpet would be amazing.

“I also want to go back into when you mentioned that cautiousness and carefulness.”

Kate Middleton is a 'matriarch in waiting' says Holt

She went onto claim: “There is a family dynamic at play as well that they have to be careful of.

“It’s no secret William didn’t enjoy the best of relationships with his father at the time.

“So it’s kind of this weird ‘are the Cambridges eclipsing us’ from Prince Charles’ perspective.

“That could definitely play into how she’s really taken her time with choosing what she’s going to focus on over the years.”

An article from the Daily Mail’s Royal Editor, Rebecca English, claimed that while Prince Charles warmly welcomed Kate into the family there was fear she and William would make him look outdated.

She claimed a source said: “The coordination required with three generations working alongside each other has been tricky.”

Ms Holt said: “And it was so nice at the carol service to see them all turning out together kind of thing and the power of them as a whole unit and really using that I think is really interesting.

“So I hope that we’re coming through that sort of competition phase and competitive [stage] to something where, everyone realises that everyone has different talents, different powers.”

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