Kate ‘feeling bruised’ by Harry but ‘going out of way’ not to react

Prince William and Kate arrive in Wales for visit

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Kate, Princess of Wales, was a surprising target in Prince Harry’s tell-all memoir, Spare, which was released in early January. The Duke of Sussex described Kate as “like a sister,” but later suggested that she was stand-off-ish, recounting awkward moments with his wife Meghan Markle, and giving his version of the bridesmaid dress row. Nonetheless, by several accounts, the Princess of Wales has handled Harry’s revelations well, with commentators commending Kate on her “grace”.

Kinsey Schofield praised Kate on the most recent episode of the To Di For Daily podcast.

Speaking to royal author Valentine Low, she said: “Catherine has handled all of the chaos surrounding Megxit and everything that’s followed… with an amount of grace that I don’t think I’m capable of.”

Mr Low agreed, saying: “She does handle it with grace. She comes in for a lot of criticism in Harry’s book. It’s quite interesting, he starts off by portraying her almost like a sister, they were very close and they got on terribly well. But later, the portrait he paints is someone rather cold and frosty towards Meghan.

“I think she must be feeling quite bruised by that, but she and William have both gone out of their way not to react. And they’ve definitely told their staff not to go around giving briefings about how they feel about the book and the Netflix series.”

Neither Kate nor her husband Prince William has commented publicly on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s recent claims.

When William and Kate arrived to open the new Royal Liverpool Hospital for their first joint engagement of the year, one journalist asked: “What do you think about the book?”

The couple did not respond to the question and smiled and waved as they entered the hospital for a tour.

This “dignified silence” has been maintained by all members of the Royal Family, who have chosen to stay true to the monarchy’s age-old mantra: “Never complain, never explain.”

Instead, the royals have continued with business as usual. The Prince and Princess of Wales have carried out several public engagements since the book’s publication, including a red carpet event, a spin class and a visit to the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards to mark St David’s Day.

Mr Low said: “I’m sure they’re smarting on the inside but they’ve dealt with it and they’ve gotten on with the job. And I think it is paying off for them — their popularity seems to be bouncing back, while Harry and Meghan’s popularity seems to be on the decline.”

A recent poll commissioned by Newsweek suggested Harry and Meghan’s popularity in the US has slumped further after Spare was published.

Meanwhile, working members of the Royal Family have seen their popularity increase. William, Kate, King Charles III and Queen Camilla have all seen their standing in the US improve. The Queen Consort, who has long suffered in the polls, is now more popular in America than both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

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According to the poll, which was conducted on February 19, Harry was liked by 32 percent and disliked by 42 percent of those polled, giving him a net approval rating of -10. That is a drop of three points since the publication’s polling a month earlier which had him at -7; he has now dropped 48 points since December 5 when polling had him at +38.

The research, conducted by Redfield & Wilton, found Meghan was liked by 27 percent of Americans and disliked by 44 percent giving her a net rating -17. That represents a drop of four points since January, when she was on -13, and of 40 points since December when she was on +23.

Their apparent slump in popularity means Harry and Meghan are now more unpopular in the US than Prince Andrew, who was given a net approval rating of -2.

The most recent poll came on the back of a particularly savage jibe at the Sussexes. Last month, Harry and Meghan were the targets of a South Park episode, mocking the couple’s supposed desire for privacy.

In the episode, titled ‘The Worldwide Privacy Tour’, a Prince and Princess of Canada relocate to a small town in a bid to escape the spotlight. They then embark on a global tour campaigning for their privacy.

While Harry and Meghan are not named in the episode, the characters — a “sorority girl, actress, influencer, victim” and her husband, who has written a tell-all book about his family and the media called “Waaagh!” — are the spitting image of the Duke and Duchess.

The Daily Express’s royal correspondent Richard Palmer has argued the South Park episode suggests “liberal America” is becoming increasingly fed up with the Sussexes.

He made the point during an appearance on Royal Round Up, saying: “I do think it does show that liberal America is turning against them and is fed up with their moaning really, I suppose to put it bluntly.”

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