Inside eerie pink mansion stuck in time with laundry still hanging up

A beautiful Tudor-style mansion tucked away from the beaten track has a more sinister past, according to urban explorers who toured the abandoned property. The building in Powys, Wales, was repurposed as a drug den before being transformed into a cannabis farm, it’s claimed. Inside, remnants of power supplies and growing equipment were left behind, along with keys from its time as a hotel.

Despite its tragic state, the mansion still features remnants of its former grandeur, such as the stunning stained glass windows.

Other photos depict the laundry room, where laundry has hung untouched for over two decades. Originally built as a Tudor-style mansion for the Powell family, Pencerrig was the home of Thomas and Hannah Jones in 1750 before being inherited by their son, landscape painter Thomas Jones, in 1789, the Mirror reported.

Wealthy heiress Clara Thomas later inherited the property before it was auctioned off in 1952 and converted into a hotel and pony trekking centre.

While the hotel operated until 2008, it was later purchased by a London businessman and has since remained a shell of its former self.

Although the mansion was later used as a cannabis farm, there is no indication that the owners were aware of or involved in any criminal activity.

Daniel, the urban explorer, spoke about his discovery: “I had heard a rumour of an abandoned hidden mansion in the Welsh countryside so I decided to see if I could track it down and see if the rumours were true.

“This property was absolutely massive so after checking around the place we found an open window into the place as well as a few open doors which granted us access.”

Accompanied by two other friends, Daniel ventured through the magnificent yet unsettling corridors of the once-impressive mansion.

He added: “The atmosphere on this exploration was filled with nerves and hope the place still had an open access point which I think we were lucky to see and we were blown away with all the amazing things left behind there.

“We found the old power supplies and grow equipment left behind with the material left in order to make this operation work.

“While going around the mansion it seems that the people there had cleared out quite a few rooms to make space for the activities by throwing and piling up what had remained behind.”

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He said that a number of antique furnishings were left behind in the mansion, including a magnificent set of antlers positioned above the fireplace.

Old portraits, presumably of former owners, were also discovered in a well-preserved state.

Despite being abandoned, the mansion retained many of its original features, with little evidence of significant alterations.

He added: “The kitchen remained intact with plates, glasses still kept and stocked up and laundry hung up to dry which has been there for 20 years.

“The mansion itself was amazing and huge, we were actually surprised by how big the place and grounds were.

“We were also quite nervous after hearing about the drug operation here and seeing sensors on the long derelict property but they had long cleared out.

“One thing that did surprise us was the rate of decay and overgrowth in some parts of the property yet other parts looked so intact so it was pretty strange.

“We were here for about ninety minutes checking everything out as the mansion was so huge. We were happy to see this stunning fairytale mansion and what had been left behind was definitely a spectacular place.”

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