Hull couple taking bookings after accidentally buying derelict Scottish mansion

A couple who mistakenly bought a derelict Scottish mansion in an auction have spent four years renovating it – and now they are taking holiday bookings. 

Cal Hunter, 26, and Claire Segeren, 24, believed they had bought a bargain Glasgow apartment for £30,000. Cal had bid for it in an auction, but misheard the auctioneer’s Scottish accent and ended up with a six-bedroom Jameswood Villa in Dunoon. 

As auction bids in Scotland are legally binding, the couple couldn’t renege on their purchase, so they tackled the went ahead and are now welcoming guests to stay.

Describing the moment Cal accidentally bought Jameswood Villa on their blog, she wrote: “When Cal realised, the panic set in, and he left the auction house to call me and let me know what had happened.”

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The 120-year-old property had been abandoned for decades and had graffiti on the walls, mouldy furniture and a ceiling that was falling down. Water and electricity had been long turned off, the drainage system had completely failed, and there was another major issue to overcome. 

They realised they had only bought half the building, so they spent six months buying two more derelict units. 

The couple overcame numerous hurdles in the restoration journey, including having to replace re-roofing the villa. A company refused to work on the property, while another gave a quote of £40,000 just for reslating, an amount the couple couldn’t afford. 

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After digging foundations by hand and huge amounts of work, the property is transformed.

“This is what Cal and I have been working towards for years. We can’t thank you all enough for your support throughout our journey. Jameswood would be nowhere near as special a space, had it not been for you joining us on our adventure,” said the couple on Facebook. 

“We can’t wait to share Jameswood with all of you, and for you to see how special this quiet corner of Scotland is. We have wholeheartedly fallen in love with this area, and we know you will too.”

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