Hidden gem! Secretive royal praised for work far from spotlight – ‘So much work incognito’

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Royal fans were left in awe by Sophie’s latest engagement, during which the Countess highlighted the tragic impact coronavirus is having on people blind or partially sighted. Praising her growth within the Royal Family, Twitter user Marianne, wrote: “Onwards and upwards with this one…” 

Royal watcher Carol also said: “She’s a real treasure and does Britain and the Royal Family proud.”

And Dr Theresa added: “She is the Hidden Gem of the Family.”

Isabella praised the Countess of Wessex for how she fit in with the Royal Family after her first difficult years.

She wrote: “So much to admire about the way Sophie, Countess of Wessex, has handled her role and responsibilities in the Royal Family.”  

In the early 2000s, Sophie was involved in the so-called Sophie Tapes scandal which eventually saw her stepping down from the PR firm she founded.

After her husband Prince Edward also stepped back from his venture as TV producers, the Wessexes joined the royal fold and became full-time working members of the family.

Some royal watchers didn’t just hail Sophie for her work but also claimed she does much of it behind the scenes.  

Twitter user Linda compared Sophie’s handling of her work with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s latest public appearances, which saw the couple being photographed while taking part in a volunteering event with charity Baby2Baby.

The social media user wrote: “Everything has to be photographed. Sophie Wessex does so much incognito…”

The Countess of Wessex was spotted carrying out volunteer work with several organisations at the height of the coronavirus crisis. 

In April, it emerged Sophie had joined a kitchen brigade in London to prepare food for NHS workers.

The Countess had helped the team of professionals once a week “privately, without any fanfare”.

One person working on the team with Sophie said: “Sophie’s done a fabulous job.

“She’s got stuck into everything, cooking, prep work and cleaning. 

“She’s done it privately, without any fanfare, and the staff think she’s incredible.

“The team here are giving everything and it’s been a real boost to morale.”

In May, the Countess also joined volunteers at a mosque in Woking to prepare food parcels.

Yesterday, Sophie sat down for Leeds-born artist Frances Segelman as she created a bust of the Countess.

The event was live-streamed, marking a royal first, as a mean to increase awareness of the needs of the blind and partially sighted. 

After the event, Sophie, patron of the charity Vision Foundation, said: “For the blind and partially sighted amongst us, these past months have been especially challenging.

“However, through the care that the Vision Foundation has extended to those in difficulty, I am hopeful that the people we care for will feel empowered within their communities.

“Thank you to Frances for sculpting my face today.

“This sculpture, and the faces of many others, will allow the blind and partially sighted to see through touch and so to more vividly imagine their world.

“Whether you are a long-time supporter or friend of The Vision Foundation, or you are new to us, thank you for your vital support, and I would encourage you all to speak to the Foundation team to find out more about our work and explore how you can play a part in bringing the world to within closer reach for those who struggle to see it.”   

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