Heartbroken dad plays Xbox stolen by evil killer to remember his son

A father who lost his children to a multiple murderer has retrieved his son’s stolen Xbox, which the killer sold for drugs, and now plays on it to keep his memory alive.

Jason Bennett said he plays the console which killer Damien Bendall sold hours after he murdered John, 13, and daughter Lacey, 11, with a claw hammer in a drug-fuelled rampage.

Bendall, 32, dubbed “the sleepover killer”, was high on cocaine and cannabis when he murdered Jason’s ex Terri Harris, 35, who was pregnant, along with Lacey, John and sleepover pal Connie Gent, 11.

They were at their home in Killamarsh, near Sheffield, in September 2021.

He also raped dying Lacey and later that night was caught on CCTV taking a taxi to Sheffield and carrying a bag containing John’s Xbox which he swapped for cocaine with a drug dealer.

The heartbroken dad said the painstaking work of Derbyshire police in the murder investigation helped find the Xbox which they have been able to return to him. He said he now intends to keep playing “for John”.

He also said he has recovered his son’s AirPods and daughter Lacey’s iPad which he said helps him stay close to them both. He said: “I’ve finally got some of my kids’ belongings back, stuff that meant so much to them.

“John’s Xbox was sold the night they were taken away, but I got it back from the hard work of the police, and that meant so much.

“We bought him that and I’m going to play it now for him. His AirPods, they went everywhere with him, in his pocket to school, in his blazer and his phone which sadly is locked, but I’ll try my best to get into it. Then Lacey’s iPad, I’ve already been into that. That took a lot.

“But I was so lucky with some of the videos I’ve seen. It’s a tough pill to swallow. It’s like they are home but they are not here to play on them and enjoy them. I’ll do it for them.”

Bendall, a well-known criminal and drug user, was given a whole-life order at Derby Crown Court last December, meaning he will die in jail.

Bendall, who had met Harris through a dating website more than a year earlier, was living at the property at the time. 

He had previous convictions for robbery, grievous bodily harm and arson, and had spent time in jail.

During the apparently motiveless killing spree with a claw hammer, he went from room to room looking for his victims.

Earlier on the day of the attacks the children had set up a stall outside the house selling sweets to raise money for Cancer Research.

Jason added: “Those details about my poor children – I can’t erase that. It’s mental torture for ever.

“I hope nobody ever goes through even slightly close to what this family has gone through.”

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