‘He has to answer!’ Prince Andrew to face seven-hour grilling session on Giuffre claim

Prince Andrew could face 7-hour grilling in sex trial says expert

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Lawyer Dr Ann Olivarius appeared on ITV’s Lorraine where she discussed Prince Andrew and his potential trial in the US later this year. Dr Olivarius discussed what could lay in store for the Duke of York, including a potential seven-hour grilling session asking him to prove claims he made during his BBC Newsnight interview. The law expert also discussed what questions could pop up during the deposition, such as how many times he had extramarital affairs.

Speaking on ITV’s Lorraine, Dr Olivarus discussed what Prince Andrew could be asked during his deposition in the US and potentially some of the claims he would have to prove.

Lorraine said: “If it did go to court, which obviously he would not want that to happen.

“I mean, he’s going to have to prove that he’s got a medical condition that means that he can’t sweat.

“He’s going to have to prove that he was in that Pizza Express when it was claimed that he was having sex with Virginia Guiffre.

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“Claims that he’s always denied, of course, but he’ll do anything I would have thought to avoid this?”

Dr Olivarius then explained what is likely to happen with Prince Andrew if he was questioned by authorities.

She said: “Well, sure, because look, now we go to the discovery phase.

“And in the United States, we get seven hours with a person accused of what he’s accused.

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“With seven hours of a deposition, where he has to answer questions.

“Questions that will surely touch on issues of how many of Jeffrey Epstein’s… a convicted sex trafficker, how many times what was he with Jeffery Epstein?

“How many other men were there? What were they doing? How many times if he had extramarital affairs?

“I mean, how many other girls that he slept with?

“These are the kinds of questions that are going to be asked of him and that he has to answer.”

Judge Lewis Kaplan who is overseeing the case denied a motion to dismiss the lawsuit in a 46-page decision.

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Prince Andrew’s lawyer attempted to use a court agreement between Ms Giuffre and Epstein to throw out the case after she was given a sum of money to not sue anyone connected to the businessman.

Ms Giuffre’s lawyer said the settlement only referred to the parties in the agreement and not a “third party”.

It now means the case against Prince Andrew could be heard in court later this year if an out-of-court settlement is not reached by then.

Ms Giuffre filed a civil case in New York in August 2021 and claims she was the victim of three alleged instances of abuse by Prince Andrew.

Prince Andrew has always denied these claims and withdrew from public duties after his interview on Newsnight where he shared his version of events.

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