Halloween 2018: Dublin Fire Brigade receive over 750 calls on busiest night of the year

Dublin Fire Brigade has been called out to more than 750 incidents today as people across the city celebrate Halloween.

The vast majority of the calls relate to illegal bonfires.

259 of the calls were for ambulance services, while 337 were for fire.

Shortly after 9pm, firefighters were called to battle a bonfire in Kilbarrack which firefighters said was radiating a lot of heat.

Firefighters from Dolphin’s Barn were also called to extinguish a bonfire in the south of the city.

Meanwhile, in Drimnagh a firework was thrown at gardai at around 8pm this evening.

Gardaí confirmed there was an incident on Benbulben Road involving an “accelerant” or “fire work” being thrown at a Garda vehicle.

“At approximately 8pm some type of accelerant or possibly a fire work was thrown at a public order van on Benbulben Road, Dublin 12,” a Garda spokesperson said. 

“The unit are still on patrol in the area dealing with calls. There was no one arrested or injured.”

Public order units have been deployed to Greenhills in the south of the city to disperse crowds of youths.

Halloween is one the busiest nights of the year for emergency services. Last year, Dublin Fire Brigade reported 340 calls, 220 of which were bonfire-related.

Dublin Fire Brigade also urged homeowners to keep bins inside overnight, warning that they have a “nasty habit of going missing or spontaneously combusting on Halloween”.

Bonfires are also being dealt with in southern and western parts of the country, and no major incidents have been reported.

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