Grieving dads’ suicide prevention plan to be debated in Parliament

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Andy Airey, 65, Mike Palmer, 57, and Tim Owen, 52, were united by loss when they trekked across the UK under the banner of the “3 Dads Walking” campaign.

Together they raised over £1million for charity and boosted awareness around suicide.

They have called for the suicide prevention classes to be a compulsory part of the curriculum – and for them to start early.

Over 150,000 people have now signed their petition – more than the 100,000 needed for the issue to be considered for a debate.

The three men have since met MP Nick Fletcher, chair of the petitions committee.

The trio said on social media that they had met him in Westminster on Thursday.

They posted: “He confirmed our petition to add suicide prevention to the school curriculum would be debated in Parliament. Date to be announced soon.”

Andy, from Morland in Cumbria, Mike, from Sale in Greater Manchester and Tim from Shouldham in Norfolk, first set off walking to each others’ homes in 2021.

The men, who did not previously know each other, walked 300 miles in memory of Andy’s daughter Sophie, 29, Mike’s girl Beth, 17, and Emily who was 19.

It took them 15 days to walk the route and they won the backing of celebrities along the way including Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman.

Last year they completed a second walk of 600 miles. The men were later honoured at the Pride of Britain awards.

Suicide is the biggest killer of under-35s, and the 3 Dads Walking Campaign believes young people needed to be equipped from an early age with the tools needed to deal with suicidal feelings.

The Government has previously said that suicide prevention can be taught to age-appropriate children.

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