Gary Hutch left estate of €21,768

Gary Hutch whose murder in Spain in 2015 sparked the brutal Kinahan/Hutch feud left estate valued at more than €21,000, according to documents lodged in the Probate Office in Dublin last week.

Hutch, of Champions Avenue, in Dublin’s north inner city, and who is described as a ‘gym instructor’, was the nephew of Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch.

He was shot dead at Complejo Angel De Miraflores, Mijas, Malaga, on September 24, 2015, by a black-clad assassin wearing a balaclava.

A witness to the killing, only known as Jose, told the trial of James Quinn in Spain last year: “I saw two men running around the swimming pool, I thought they were playing at first, but then I saw one of them had a pistol and realised it was something else.

“They reached a point where the victim had no way out and had to stop.

“He put his hands up and went ‘no, no, no’ and then I heard two shots and saw him fall to the ground.”

Quinn was sentenced to 22 years in prison for his part in the murder of Gary Hutch.

Hutch (34) was jailed in 2001 for six years after he was identified as the getaway driver in a late-night jewellery heist from a businessman in Malahide, Co Dublin, who was robbed of €37,000.

He was on bail at the time and was jailed for four years. He was released in 2006.

Gary Hutch was implicated in another incident in which a man was shot, but who later withdrew his evidence.

Hutch was also at the scene when close associate Paddy Doyle (27), of Portland Place, Dublin, suspected of multiple murders, was shot dead near Marbella, Spain, in 2008.

Hutch’s murder led to Dublin’s Regency Hotel retaliation in February 2016 by Hutch associates, who attempted but failed to kill Daniel Kinahan who was attending a boxing match weigh-in. They did murder Kinahan associate and father-of-two David Byrne (34).

In all, 18 people have died in the inter-gang feud

Gary Hutch’s assets came to a total of €21,768.

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