Gardaí and PSNI join forces to crack gang of burglars

Gardaí and the PSNI have joined forces to smash a Dublin burglary gang that has been wreaking havoc on both sides of the Border.

As part of new efforts to dismantle the organised Traveller crime gang, permission is being sought for a joint secondment between the two forces. Gang members are suspects in 30 burglaries on both sides of the Border in the month of September alone, when large amounts of cash and jewellery were stolen.

“This would involve a PSNI officer moving to Tallaght garda station, while a Tallaght garda would work in the North for a number of months with the PSNI,” a source told the Irish Independent.

“The reason for this is that it would lead to even more enhanced co-operation between the two forces in an attempt to dismantle this highly prolific burglary gang.”

The mob, which has close links to slain crimelord ‘Fat’ Andy Connors, are described as “highly forensically aware” and have been using bleach-like substances in order to clean crime scenes, destroying DNA and fingerprint evidence.

Investigations have established that one car that has been used by the mob to travel from Tallaght to the Border areas and back was fitted with half-a-dozen different false registration plates in the course of just a few weeks in a bid to avoid detection.

“While this gang have been involved in very violent aggravated burglaries in the past, the recent spate of crime has generally been against homeowners who were not in the property at the time and it has mostly been cash and jewellery that has been stolen,” the source explained.

“Gardaí and their colleagues in the PSNI have completed a detailed dossier on this gang, including family trees of its members and their relationship to each other, lists of the addresses and vehicles they use, as well as the crimes they have committed.

“The ultimate aim is to dismantle and destroy this criminal organisation, which has been particularly active in the last decade,” the source added.

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