Furious man finds out neighbour is renting out his parking space for huge profit

A man has discovered his neighbour has been “secretly renting out his unused parking space” for six months and that he even drew up a contract and got a signature from his rentee for it.

Upon deciding to let his friend use it for a couple of months, he realised what was going on, and now is seeking legal advice on how to sort the situation out.

Posting on Reddit, he mentioned that in his block of flats each person has “assigned parking bays and it turns out my downstairs neighbour has been renting mine out for the last six months or so.”

As he doesn’t drive and never works from home, he had “never noticed someone was using my bay.”

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He suspected someone was using the spot to park before walking to the nearby train station to commute.

When a friend of his told him of his plans to go travelling, the poster agreed to let him use his parking bay for three months, and it was at this moment when he learned what was happening.

He describes the moment when his wife discovered the goings-on, saying: “Next thing I know, my wife phoned me all stressed because she’s got into it with the person who’s leased my space.

“They were under the impression it was my neighbour’s and have produced a contract and are now insisting I vacate the parking bay as they have already paid for it.”

Remarkably, the neighbour justified their actions by saying they assumed they had permission because it wasn’t being used.

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The post ended with a plea for legal advice and how to resolve the situation.

One commenter implored the poster to pay no thought to his neighbour and let him and his rentee sort out the mess themselves: “Your neighbour has entered into a contract with someone and has no right to rent out your parking space. That’s on them and whoever else is the other party in that contract.

“Waving a piece of paper around saying they have a contract is irrelevant, the contract is invalid and you can demonstrate this is the case.”

Another pointed out the absurdity of the situation, joking: “you can rent your neighbour’s flat on Airbnb and then tell him that he must vacate his property because a person rented it in good faith.”

Another advised him to get a locking bollard to “prevent your chancer of a neighbour trying this again.”

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