‘Fizzy drink addict’ hoarder home with 3ft bottle mound covering floor

Cleaner shares ‘deep clean’ of 'hoarder’s' home

When Wayne Moran and his cousin Lee entered a house in Wigan to clear out its contents, they were taken aback by the scale of the task.

The house clearance experts, despite many years working in the business, had never seen anything like it.

The two-bed house had seemingly belonged to a fizzy drinks addict, as the property was waist-deep in plastic bottles

On arrival at the house, Wayne and Lee realised they couldn’t even get through the front door, so had to tunnel their way in.

The co-owners of ASAP Clearances had to wade through a 3ft-deep mess throughout the property, including bottles, clothing, household items and even some rotting food.

In the kitchen, rotten food had been compacted where it had been walked upon, making it difficult to clear.

Mounds of “horrendous-smelling” rubbish covered the whole house and the living room had almost submerged the sofa.

It took the men two days of solid work to complete the job.

That involved four van trips to the tip, and they were both very “relieved” when they could see the floor

Wayne, from Wythenshawe, Greater Manchester, said: “The landlord had let it out to somebody and [when they] came back that was in the state it was in.

“There was also general food waste, clothes and general household items.”

It wasn’t just the living room that was a dumping ground, shocking photos show the kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms filled to the brim with teetering piles of rubbish.

Wayne said: “The kitchen sink was piled up, there’s no way anyone could be washing dishes in there.

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“In the bathroom the bath was full of clothes and food.

“The food was full of flies, it smelt horrendous.

“The landlord didn’t even want to walk in there and waited at the door.”

Wayne added: “It was fairly back-breaking work to get it all out, it was a big job and very hard work.

“It took four full vans to clear it.”

He said the duo were proud of what they had achieved and once the house has had a deep clean, it can go back on the market.

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