First glimpse of ornate screen Charles will use during Coronation

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King Charles has commissioned an ornate, three-sided screen behind which he will be anointed with Holy Oil during the upcoming Coronation. The most sacred portion of the ceremony sees the subject transformed from man to monarch before God.

The project involved 150 people using a Chapel Royal stained glass window for inspiration.

The imagery depicts a tree with 56 leaves representing the Commonwealth nations, the design centred on the screen is emblazoned with the King’s cypher at the foot of the tree’s trunk, illustrating the King as the servant of the “family of nations”.

The King’s lifelong passion for environmental sustainability is clearly a theme of the artwork; the thread is biodegradable and the poles are carved from an oak tree from the royal estate at Windsor planted in 1765 by the Duke of Northumberland.

The sacred process involves the Dean of Westminster pouring consecrated oil from the gold Ampulla into the Coronation Spoon, and the monarch is anointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury on their hands, breast and head.

The Holy Oil is poured into The Coronation Spoon, one of the oldest objects used in that part of the ceremony.

Historians believe the spoon could date back to Henry II or Richard I, which would date it in the late 1100s.

Queen Elizabeth II was anointed in 1953 and chose a gold canopy held aloft by four Knights of the Garter on poles.

The revealing of the King’s screen design is just the latest step in comprehensive preparations for the historic Coronation ceremony.

Of notable concern to organisers is the security of the internationally famous Crown Jewels.

Police are to be on high alert in the run-up to the Coronation to ensure the Jewels are kept safe from would-be thieves.

Thousands of officers will be manning the streets of London, while Westminster Abbey will be turned into a fortress to ward off a potential heist.

Undercover officers will mingle with the crowds when the King and Queen Consort journey to and from Buckingham Palace, while snipers, elite guards and the military will also be involved in a top-secret exercise dubbed Operation Tower of London.

The coronation, like the Queen’s funeral, will be one of the biggest events ever seen in the country, and authorities are leaving no stone unturned to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

A source told the Mirror: “The operation is huge, certainly in a similar scale to that of the funeral of the Queen.

“Every available arm of the police and security services has been dispatched.

“The exercise turns the Abbey into Operation Tower of London, focussing on maximum security and maximum lockdown.”

The King and Camilla have been rehearsing with replicas of the Crown Jewels, staffs and swords, which were created prior to King George VI’s coronation in 1937.

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