‘Fine and back of queue!’ Britons skipping Covid jab appointments must be punished – poll

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Around 2.6 million people in the UK have been vaccinated with their first dose, according to the Government’s latest figures. There have also been calls for around-the-clock vaccination centres, with jabs seen as vital to easing national lockdowns. But the latest Express.co.uk poll came after a council leader in Nottinghamshire lashed out at those skipping appointments for their jab and risking the shot being wasted.

Now voters have overwhelmingly backed those missing their coronavirus vaccine appointments to be fined and some readers even claimed they should be sent to the back of the queue.

The poll, which ran from 8am until 9pm on Wednesday January 13, asked: “Should people who don’t turn up to their Covid jab appointment be fined?”

More than two thirds (69 percent or 2,512 readers) said those not attending appointments for a coronavirus vaccine jab should be fined.

Just under a third (30 percent or 867 readers) disagreed, while one percent (38 readers) were undecided.

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Several Express.co.uk readers reacted with rage at people who choose not to turn up for their appointment to receive a vaccine jab.

One wrote: “Not only should they be fined but then go to the back of the queue and get a vaccination after everyone who actually wants it.”

Another said: “There are a few people out there that think they can get away with anything, from missed appointments, to breaching Covid restrictions, to parking in places for the disabled.

“Fine them and fine them big time.”

A third reader commented: “No shows cost the NHS millions and deny other patients the opportunity of life-saving treatment.”

Another person added: “Small fine and be put at the back of the queue.”

One reader lashed out at the 30 percent who voted for people not to be fined if they skip their coronavirus vaccine appointment.

They said: “Amazing 30 percent of people on this poll think it is acceptable to just not bother to turn up.”

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Councillor John Clarke, leader of Gedling Borough Council in Nottinghamshire, launched a scathing attack against those not showing up for their vaccine appointments.

He told ITV News: “It’s scandalous, absolutely scandalous.

“You wouldn’t pour £40 down the drain, you wouldn’t do that, so why do this? Because that’s what happens to that.

“They’ve taken it out of the fridge – it’s wasted.”

Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping admitted the rollout of the vaccine had proved “problematic” because people had not been turning up to their appointments.

A number of police officers were given the jab to save it from being thrown away after no-shows.

He said: “There are two issues around the Pfizer vaccine – you can get more out of a vial than is allowed – so you can get an extra dose out and that should not be wasted.

“Getting people through the door has also proved problematic. Some people don’t turn up to appointments.

“A number of police officers for Nottinghamshire have been to the Queen’s Medical Centre and had an injection.

“It is about five or 10. People are keen to use it if it is available. Nobody in Nottinghamshire is putting police officers to the front of the queue for the vaccine.

“But if it is available we don’t want to destroy it and it is best we use it in a positive and constructive way. Police are delighted to have been asked.”

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