Families can visit care home residents indoors from TOMORROW – new rules announced

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This is good news for those who have waited patiently to visit their loved ones. However, protective equipment is still needed and not everyone will be able to visit before Christmas. Hugging will be allowed as long as the visitor is wearing masks, gloves, and gowns to stop the spread of infection.

The Cabinet Office said at the weekend that quick coronavirus tests could allow “visitors to have physical contact with their loved one”.

The announcement added that this could involve close proximity such as “providing personal care and holding hands”.

For visiting care homes, those that wish to see their loved ones must book in advance to arrange a visit.

However, they will only be allowed if it is found that they have tested negative that day.

These tests will be carried out on site.

The larges firm that represents care homes in England, Care England, announced on Tuesday, “it will be a while until testing is entrenched”.

This means that visits could still only be possible “as part of a raft of other infection control measures”.

More to follow…

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