Dad admits teenage son ‘lucky to be alive’ after tragic explosion

House destroyed in huge explosion on Swansea street

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Anthony Bennett, the father of 14-year-old Ethan who survived the huge explosion in Swansea, has spoken for the first time since the tragedy. Ethan and his mum Claire were at home when the blast occurred near their home in Morriston. The teenager was was in the attic room, and later had to be pulled from the rubble by a neighbour after the roof collapsed on top of him. Anthony said his son was shaken after the explosion.

He told BBC Wales: “Ethan just remembers the explosion going and him being thrown up against the ceiling and hitting [it]. Next thing he knows he seems to be outside. Not sure if he lost consciousness or not. Part of the roof was under him and part of the roof was on top of him.

“The guy who lives a couple of doors down ran across to check on Claire and then he dragged Ethan out. He carried Ethan off the roof to get him out.”

Anthony’s wife Claire is still in hospital after breaking six of her ribs and getting a “nasty gash” on the head.

Ethan was discharged on Monday night.

Anthony added: “My wife is OK, in a lot of pain, but she is OK. Ethan was discharged last night. He is very shook up and mentally he is struggling to cope, but he is alive.”

One man, 68-year-old Brian Davies, died as a result of the explosion. He was formally identified on Tuesday afternoon.

The damage from the explosion has meant 30 households are still unable to return home.

On the death of Mr Davies, Detective Inspector Carl Price said: “Our thoughts remain with Brian’s family and friends, at what is a very difficult time for them, and those who have been injured following the explosion.

“Our enquiries are ongoing to establish the cause of the incident, and these enquiries are being carried out in partnership with relevant agencies including the Health and Safety Executive.

“The patience and understanding of local residents on Clydach Road, and the wider community in Morriston, is very much appreciated while this work remains ongoing.”

Sioned Williams, Member of the Senedd for the South Wales West region, said Mr Davies was a “very well liked” man and “such a friendly person”.

She added: “He apparently used to sit outside on the step and talk to people in the street. A lot of people knew him and liked him, and are deeply, deeply concerned for him.”

Andy Williams, a neighbour who lived on the street for 25 years, said: “He’s only lived here for a couple of years but I knew him well. He’s just a nice guy, a lovely guy, he’s always outside chatting.”

The Health and Safety Executive was informed this week that an investigation into the cause of the explosion is underway.

Police say two properties were severely damaged.

A lot of money has been raised via donations for the families impacted.

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