‘Confidence in policing’ at stake as Met must act to save reputation over No10 party claim

Former Met Police says there is a 'lack of confidence in policing'

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Parm Sandhu stressed that the way the Metropolitan Police deals with the fresh allegations of yet another clandestine party organised by Prime Minister Boris Johnson will make or break down their reputation. Mr Johnson faced allegations of holding a Christmas Party in December 2020, which the police decided not to investigate amid a national backlash. And his image could suffer another dent after new reports emerged that he supposedly attended a bash with over 100 attendees in the Downing Street garden at the height of the lockdown.

Mrs Sandhu, who served the Met Police as a Chief superintendent, argued the public’s faith in the police has spiralled to unprecedented lows.

She insisted that if they are to salvage their reputation and restore people’s declining faith in them, Met echelons have to come down hard in case of strong evidence emerging.

Talking to Julia Hartley-Brewer on TalkRADIO, she admitted that the public’s trust in the police has all but evaporated as she believes that many Britons harbour no hopes that Mr Johnson’s case will be looked into.

Ms Sandu however cooled the public’s fears, claiming that an internal investigation is already on its way as police cannot afford another blunder of the highest order.

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She said: “I do think there’s a bigger issue now.

“This is about confidence in policing and if police aren’t seen to be acting on this matter then there is a huge failing there.

“Sue Gray is the lady who is leading that internal investigation in relation to these parties that happened.

“I think Mister Kay was the guy who was taken off because he was at one of those parties, so two different people.

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“I do feel that now there’s a huge lack of confidence in policing by not acting!”

Express.co.uk has contacted the Met Police for comment.

While Mr Johnson, his then-partner Carrie Johnson and over 100 Downing Street employees were allegedly having drinks in the garden and clinging to normality on May 20, 2020, the rest of the country was urged not to leave their home unless they had an essential reason to do so.

And whoever was found guilty of breaching the law was pulled to one side by patrolling police and handed a hefty fine of up to £200.

Ms Sandhu added: “Even this morning police officers are in contact with Downing Street and what I would say to everybody who is listening is that back in May 2020 students and members of the public were being fined.


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“We weren’t letting universities investigate their own students.

“Police officers were then issuing fines and I am absolutely amazed that that hasn’t already happened, that the investigation hasn’t already started and fines haven’t been issued.”

In recent times, police in Britain have drawn a considerable amount of criticism for the way they handled Mr Johnson’s Christmas party antics.

In the wake of reports of another illegal Christmas party that sees Mr Johnson seemingly involved, Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer decided to put the boot in, urging the Prime Minister to show his true face to his compatriots.

In a bitter Twitter statement, he wrote: “Boris Johnson, your deflections and distractions are absurd.“Not only did you know about the parties in Downing Street, you attended them.

“Stop lying to the British public, it’s time to finally come clean.”


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