Charles Bronson’s brother hasn’t spoken to him since ‘fake son’ row

This Morning: Ruth clashes with Charles Bronson's son

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Charles Bronson’s brother isn’t backing his bid for freedom after admitting the pair no longer talk since his “fake son” emerged. Charles Bronson, 70, real name Michael Gordon Peterson, who recently renamed himself Charles Salvador, could be released in a matter of weeks after spending 48 years behind bars for a string of violent crimes. Three parole judges are considering his case at HMP Woodhill in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

The parole hearing – which finished yesterday – is the second to be held in public in the UK nut the identities of the judges remains a closely guarded secret. 

Bronson’s brother Mark Peterson told the Mirror he lost contact with his sibling after “fake son” George Bamby came onto the scene.

He had previously been in support of him getting out so he could see their elderly mum Eira Peterson – who Bronson has referred to as “Duchess”.

Mr Bamby appeared on ITV’s This Morning in 2018 claiming to be Bronson’s child and said he’d done a DNA test which was a 99.8% positive match.

“I’ve had nothing to do with him since he introduced his fake son,” Mark said.

Bronson – who now goes by Charles Salvador – has had a rocky relationship with Mr Bamby, who also at one stage added Salvador to his own name.

Soon after his TV appearance, Bronson wrote to friend Rod Harrison that he no longer spoke to him – and hadn’t for months.

He said: “George has had his five minutes of fame now (there are no more). I’ve not been in contact with him now for months, nor wish to be – a clown’s a clown to me, but he can’t come back – too many lies.” But they have appearead to have made up since.

Once dubbed one of Britain’s most violent offenders, Bronson has spent most of the past 48 years behind bars, apart from two brief periods of freedom during which he reoffended, for a string of thefts, firearms and violent offences, including 11 hostage-takings in nine different sieges.

Victims included governors, doctors, staff and, on one occasion, his own solicitor.

Speaking to WalesOnline in 2014 about Bronson seeing their mum again, Mark said: “None of us are getting any younger and the thought that one day she won’t be around anymore is something that weighs heavily on the minds of both me and Michael.

“I just hope he gets out and is able to spend a few years with mum making up for all the lost time.”

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Bronson’s relationship with Mr Bamby has caused friction with others close to the prisoner.

One unnamed friend told the Mirror: “That fake son has done enough damage with his lies.”

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