Car that crashed into holiday campsite was driving ‘three times the speed limit’

A car that crashed into a holiday campsite injuring nine people, including a toddler, was driving “up to three times the speed limit”, a witness has claimed.

Of the victims of the deadly crash, six people were taken to hospital, with another three injured – including a two-year-old boy. 

The tragedy took place when a blue Ford Fiesta “flipped and rolled” into a campsite in Pembrokeshire, west Wales, at around 10.40pm on Saturday.

The two-year-old was asleep in his cot while staying with his parents in a tent at Newgale Campsite, which runs alongside the A487. 

Mike Harris, who runs the campsite with his wife Clare, told Sky News the car was going “80 or 90mph” in a zone that capped at 30mph.

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He claimed the car “catapulted from the road because of the speed” the car was going. 

While carrying a number of passengers, it’s believed that the car was travelling from the village of Roch towards St Davids.

Two people were left in serious condition, while the toddler miraculously avoided injury due to being in a cot, but his father, 44, was airlifted to a Cardiff hospital around 100 miles away and his mother was released after having treatment 

At least four others were treated at Glangwili Hospital in Carmarthen and Swansea’s Morriston Hospital.

Mr Harris told Sky News: “I didn’t realise a car could go so fast down the road.

“It catapulted from the road because of the speed he was going, over the ditch separating the campsite and main road and landed about 100m from where the driver started braking.

“It turned three full turns and landed on its wheels. It rolled through a tent belonging to a family.”

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“The vehicle then rolled and rested on top of three people, the campers managed to lift the vehicle 90 degrees to tilt it forward and rest on its side. They freed the three people.

“Miraculously there were no fatalities, there are no life-threatening injuries but life-changing injuries of varying degrees.”

His wife added: “The car was speeding down the hill, realised it needed to slow down and tried to brake. It flipped and rolled several times, and crashed into the tent.

“There was a young child in the tent at the time, thankfully they are okay. It’s a tragic accident that the police are dealing with, that’s all we can say at the moment.”

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