Broadcaster calls for England to ditch national anthem to stop booing Scots

England’s football team has been told to ditch God Save the King as their national anthem as it gives Scottish fans the opportunity to boo it.

The strategy was suggested by the BBC’s Nick Robinson after the historic song was drowned out by a chorus of boos from the Scottish stands during the match between the two sides at Hampden Park yesterday.

The England and Scotland teams faced each other for the 150th Anniversary Heritage Match, which celebrates 150 years since the first international fixture.

Scottish fans could be heard booing the anthem to the extent that people in the stadium and at home could no longer even hear it.

As clips of the overpowered song went viral on social media, Mr Robinson took to X, formerly known as Twitter, with a novel suggestion for how to deal with Scotland supporters rejecting the song – ditching it entirely.

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He said: “What sense does it make for England’s anthem to be God Save the King when that is an invitation for the Tartan Army to boo in order to demonstrate that they are loyal to Scotland?”

His suggestion was lampooned by commenters, with Daily Express’ Senior Political Correspondent Christian Calgie responding: “So allow rude Scots to decide our anthem for us?”

Others argued the booing was simply the standard kind of “banter” one would expect to see at a football game between such historically competitive nations.

For some, though, it was a clear sign of Scotland’s rejection of the British monarchy.

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One Twitter/X user wrote: “I’m absolutely not anti English, but I am anti-monarchy and this is sweet sweet music to my ears”.

Others used the hashtag #NotMyKing, and some even called it the highlight of the game by half-time – particularly given England scored two goals in the opening half, before eventually winning 3-1.

Some Scots were left emotional by their own national anthem in comparison, with one saying: “The rendition of Flower of Scotland tonight even gave me goosebumps with levels I’ve very rarely heard!”

Former Scotland striker Ally McCoist spoke out against the booing on talkSPORT: “I do not like the booing of any national anthem to be honest with you. I just think it is a distinct lack of respect. I genuinely dislike it intensely.

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“If you can’t show the opposition respect by respecting their national anthem, I think it is a poor show.

“I get the rivalry with England and Scotland, and I get some of the Scots, perhaps SNP fans giving it the whole bit, but I am talking about in general. There should be respect shown for an opposing national anthem and I think it is totally out of order.”

Following the match, England midfielder Jude Bellingham said the booing spurred the team on to victory.

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