British man's death in Dubai prison 'should be warning to all tourists'

Holidaymakers need tougher warnings about the risk of visiting Dubai after an inquest found a Brit died because of ‘neglect’ in jail.

Lee Hall, 39, was staying in the United Arab Emirates in April 2011 while en route to Indonesia to visit his girlfriend.

He was taken to the Bur Dubai police station after being accused of getting into an altercation with a maid at the Burj Al Arab Hotel.

The inquest earlier heard his family believe he may have been experiencing a mental health crisis at the time.

Relatives learned from other inmates that he was being held in solitary confinement and said he had been beaten and starved while in custody.

Mr Hall died five days after being arrested and a coroner has warned there could be more cases like his without intervention from the government. 

Area oroner for East London Nadia Persaud said she would be flagging ‘concerns’ about the potential risks Brits faces when they travel to the United Arab Emirates.

She raised fears more Brits could die in Dubai because ‘insufficient’ travel advice does not have enough information about being arrested there and the possible consequences.

The inquest heard the number of new cases of Britons reporting torture or mistreatment in Dubai to the Foreign Office had surged from three per cent of the global total to 13 per cent in just four years.

After the verdict, Mr Brown’s mother, Doris, said: ‘For the past 11 years we have had to fight to find out how Lee died.

‘I am incredibly relieved that the Inquest has finally uncovered the precise circumstances in which my son lost his life.

‘My son was a good person who loved both me and his dad very much.

‘He died in the most awful of circumstances being allowed to be beaten by other prisoners and, most shockingly, those who were supposed to look after him.

‘He was not given proper food or appropriate care. I cannot imagine how awful his last moments must have been.

‘It makes me incredibly sad and angry. I can’t believe that he died at the hands of savage monsters when he had done nothing wrong.

‘They made up lies about him and took my life too. He was my life.’

An earlier hearing heard how requests to authorities in Dubai for CCTV to be released had been repeatedly turned down over a number of years.

In her ruling, the coroner added: ‘A concern was raised at the inquest in relation to the procedures in place to gain consular access to detained British nationals who may be suffering from a mental health crisis.

‘Such British nationals may not be able to provide the necessary consent for consular services.

‘In my opinion action should be taken to prevent future deaths and I believe you have the power to take such action.’

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