Britain in huge emergency rescue mission to Libya as part of £10m package

Britain has deployed essential medical teams after ramping up crucial aid to flood-hit Libya.

It is part of a new £10m package for both Libya and earthquake-struck Morocco, where British rescuers were last night still treating the wounded.

And last night medics with the UK charity REACT Disaster Response told how they had reached a village high in the Atlas mountains which had not yet been reached by aid workers.

Around 11,000 people were killed in Libya when two dams burst in the wake of Storm Daniel, washing away whole neighbourhoods in the port city of Derna in Eastern Libya, though the city’s mayor says the total could reach 20,000.

The UK is deploying an emergency medical team led by health and sanitation experts from NGO UK-MED to conduct rapid medical assessments in disaster-affected areas.

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The Emergency Medical Team will coordinate with local authorities, international organisations and other EMT partners on the ground to understand the immediate and growing humanitarian health needs in Libya following the devastating storms.

Minister for the Middle East and North Africa, Lord (Tariq) Ahmad said: “It is harrowing to see the loss of life and scenes of devastation in Libya following the floods.

“The UK is committed to supporting the Libyan people during this extremely difficult time. We will increase UK funding to the crisis response and deliver crucial life-saving provisions, including shelter, water filters and medical assessments.”

The death toll from Morocco’s devastating earthquake exceeded 5,000, with many thousands more injured.

Last night a rescue team from the UK NGO React were the first to reach the devastated village of Tilfitene, high in the Atlas mountains.

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“We have been treating casualties,“ said former army medic and mum-of-three Sarah McBride.

“A few received treatment in Marrakech but have since returned, and there is no wound management system here.

“So we are looking for signs of infection and ensuring dressings are changed. We will leave the right amount of kit and teach them how to prologue their own care.”

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