Brexit trap: Sneaky Labour plots to force Boris Johnson into holding new EU referendum

Jeremy Corbyn is looking into plans to ignore any new agreeement made by Boris Johnson by trying to force a House of Commons vote on a second EU referendum. The Financial Times reports it is “conceivable” the Labour Party would pursue attaching another referendum to any new Brexit deal on offer. Mr Johnson is still adamant the UK will leave the EU by October 31, with or without a deal.

abour could try and attach a referendum to a revised withdrawal agreement through a Commons amendment.

The DUP has supported Mr Johnson by not rejecting his proposal to resolve the sticky issue of the Irish border after Brexit.

London’s mayor Sadiq Khan has called on Mr Corbyn to support a second referendum saying it would be electorally damaging to support the Brexit policy.

Mr Khan has made it clear Labour should support a second EU referendum before pursuing a general election.

He said: “I am not sure, bearing in mind how big Brexit is, that we can have a general election and argue on NHS, policing, schools, the environment with Brexit not being resolved and our position being so unclear; it’s bad politics and the wrong place for us to be”.

Mr Khan, who is seeking a second-term as London Mayor, said voters should be given the choice between the terms negotiated by the Government and Remaining in the European Union.

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Mr Khan, when asked whether a second referendum should come before a general election, he told The Guardian: “Absolutely. Let’s resolve the issue of Brexit, give the British public a final say.

Mr Khan has also hit out at Mr Corbyn for even trying to negotiate a different deal with Brussels to the one being finalised by the Tory Government insisting “there is no Brexit that is better than remaining in the EU”.

In September the Labour MPs Peter Kyle and Phil Wilson promised to bring back a Commons plan to amend any future Brexit deal with a second referendum.


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Labour plots to force Boris Johnson into holding new
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On Friday, Mr Johnson twice did not deny that Northern Ireland could still stay in the EU’s customs territory after Brexit.

He said: “I think it would be wrong of me to give a running commentary on the negotiations.

“With the greatest possible respect I think, look at everything I’ve said previously.

I think you can draw your own conclusions from that. But let our negotiators get on.”

The prime minister added: “I can certainly tell you that under no circumstances will we see anything that damages the ability of the whole of the United Kingdom to take full advantage of Brexit, and I think that’s what people would expect, and that’s what I think we can achieve.”

Eurosceptic Tories have warned that any Brexit deal must still be a “Brexit worth having”.

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