Blow-out: gale force winds to batter country

Mild weather conditions dominated during October, but a blustery weekend is in store for the country as winds of up to 100kmh approach.

A report charting the weather conditions from the past month reveal more hours of sunshine and less rainfall than in previous years, despite downpours during Storm Callum in the first half of the month.

Weather conditions for the first half of November, however, look set to take a turn for the worse as forecasters predict widespread rainfall and strong winds.

“Rain will be heavier in western parts but there will be a good drop in the east. It’s widespread, moving eastwards across the country,” Met Éireann’s John Eagleton said of the forecast for the next few days.

“Then we see rain coming from the south, that’s why rainfall over Munster and Leinster is twice as heavy across the country over the next few days.”

Temperatures will average between 9C and 12C across the country.

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