‘Bitter little man!’ Fury as Dutch journalist mocks Brexit and says UK ‘sabotaged EU’

Brexit has ‘shaken things up’ says Sion Jobbins

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In February, Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant’s columnist Bert Wagendorp celebrated the UK exit, saying the UK was “back where it belongs”. He added: “Hooray! I like that the British are leaving the EU. The ‘historic error’ of 1973 has finally been corrected. Why did it take so long? We could have known right away that it was a mistake to call in the perfidious Albion.

“For 47 years the British have done their utmost to sabotage, slow down, dilute and transform Europe into a market for Marmite and Pringles, replacing their lost colonial empire.”

After the quotes were highlighted on Express.co.uk, readers reacted with fury.

One reader said: “Yes the UK is where it belongs. Back in the free world. The Dutch are also where they belong, under French and German jackboot.”

Another said: “If it’s all such a mistake why are the EU so concerned and bitter. Bottom line they wanted our money and now fed up they have lost a bank roll.”

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A third said: “Bitter little man. If it weren’t so pathetic it’d be funny.

“He forgot to mention that while we were in the EU we were their voice because they didn’t have the bottle to stand up for themselves.

Another said: “He is correct in saying ‘it was a mistake for the UK to join’.

“I have never met anyone that will admit to voting Yes.


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“Ted Heath did us a disservice, even though at that time it was the Common Market only.

“Not the monster it became.”

Another reader proudly stated: “Brits are happy they left, this Dutch commentator is happy the Brits have left.

“Happiness all around.

“What’s not to like?”

Another Briton, referring to the Dutch journalist who wrote about the UK leaving the EU in February, stated: “So, Mr Wagendorp, how did the Dutch lose their ’empire’?”

German newspapers have also been critical of the UK’s departure from the EU.

German political correspondent Bernd Riegert said: “Even after scores of discussions with Brexit supporters, I have never grasped what exactly the real-world advantages of isolation are supposed to be.

“For some politicians, Brexit is a type of religion, one with the built-in promise of salvation.

“Populism has won the day.”

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