BBC Newsnight: Blunder after presenter mistakes Prince Andrew for Charles – ‘News to me’

Prince Andrew: Judge declares Guiffre case will go ahead

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Scottish TV presenter Kirsty Wark, 66, who has been fronting BBC Two’s news and current affairs programme Newsnight since 1993, made an unfortunate blunder on Wednesday’s show. When reporting on Prince Andrew’s, 61, sex assault case after a judge refused to dismiss it, Ms Wark slipped up and instead mentioned the Duke of York’s brother.

She said: “The Prince Charles sexual assault case can now go ahead, said the Judge.

“But will the public humiliation force him to settle out in court?”

The slip up shocked viewers, who took to social media to vent about the mishap.

One user, Peter, wrote: “Prince Charles? Well that’s a development…”

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A second Twitter user wrote: “She also described Prince Andrew as Prince CHARLES. Bit of a car crash performance tonight.”

While another user chuckled: “Prince Charles sex scandal – well that’s news to me.”

A fourth user, Daniela, wrote: “Kirsty Wark just said the Prince Charles case can now go ahead. Ouch. The heir to the throne is not going to like that.”

Another added: “Newsnight’s lawyers just crapped themselves when Kirsty Wark bafflingly trailed a report on the ‘Prince Charles sexual abuse case’.”

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While some Twitter users were simply confused.

One wrote: “Did Kirsty just say Prince Charles not Prince Andrew? Is this a new breaking news story?!?”

Following the mishap, Ms Wark issued an apology: “Sorry, I earlier said ‘Prince Charles’.”

The Duke of York is in the midst of a civil legal case brought by Virginia Giuffre, now 38, who claims she was sexually assaulted by the Queen’s son when she was just 17.

Prince Andrew’s case will now go ahead after a judge refused to dismiss it which will allow the civil case to proceed towards a trial before a jury in New York this year.

The royal has denied the claims made against him.

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