Alex Salmond denies incident at Edinburgh Airport

Sky News understands that female employees expressed concerns to airport managers about what they regarded as inappropriate behaviour by Mr Salmond a decade ago.

As first minister, he regularly passed through the airport terminal.

A spokesperson for Edinburgh Airport said: “We can confirm we are assisting Police Scotland with their enquiries.

“We cannot comment further at this time.”

While no formal complaint was made, airport officials contacted the then deputy leader of the SNP, Angus Robertson, to advise him of the women’s concerns.

Angus Robertson was, at that time, an MP and the Leader of the SNP group in the House of Commons.

He lost his seat at the June 2017 general election but continued as deputy leader of the party until February this year, when he stepped down.

Sky News approached Mr Robertson for comment.

When asked: “What did you do when you were told about Alex Salmond’s behaviour at Edinburgh Airport?”

He replied: “There are ongoing processes and… I’m not making any more comment.”

He declined to say whether those “processes” referred to behaviour at the airport.

Alex Salmond has strongly denied any wrongdoing.

A spokesman for Mr Salmond said: “Mr Salmond denies all suggestions of misconduct at any time and suggests that everyone should allow the police enquiries to take their proper course without briefing or breaching confidentiality.

“Alex has not been interviewed by Police about any matter.

“He is content to have his case against the Scottish Government stated in the Court of Session in January.”

The former first minister is challenging the Scottish government’s handling of two other complaints against him of sexual misconduct by government employees, dating back to 2013, which he denies.

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