Raffle House ‘winner’ still needs mortgage to get on the property ladder

Last year news broke of an incredible offer – for just £5 you could buy a ticket and win a home worth £650,000.

Stamp duty would be covered, although not the legal work, but the winner would only get the home if enough tickets were sold.

Now, more than 12 months later, it's been revealed that the winner has been drawn – Lois Wright, who works in London and lives in Harrow.

Except, rather than get the house, she's walked away with a cheque instead.

The good news for Lois is that it's a pretty darn big cheque and she'll be using it to buy a house after all – just not the one advertised and not without needing a mortgage.

More than 80,000 tickets were sold, meaning her winnings came to £173,012.93 after costs, expenses and a £14,000 charity donation were taken out of the prize fund.

Three runners up also got £1,000 prizes.

Of course that's still a rather large amount of money – and means she can actually now afford a deposit for a home.

“This is absolutely life changing for me and I don’t think it has really sunk in yet," Lois said.

“I am so happy to now be able to get onto the property ladder and to be free of all the worries I had before about affording a home of my own."

She added: “Saving for a deposit in London is almost impossible. I saw what Raffle House was doing and they were open and honest about the process and I knew that even if the house was not awarded as the top prize a life-changing cash-prize would be."

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