Dangers of McDonald’s Happy Meals for children laid bare

Fast food giants are blatantly ignoring childhood obesity by selling kids’ meals with “reckless” sugar levels, health campaigners claim.

Some deals aimed at youngsters at chains like McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King contain more than the recommended daily limit in ONE serving.

NHS guidelines recommend a daily sugar limit of 19 grams for children four to six, 24g for seven to 10, and 28g for over-11s. But McDonald’s own website shows a cheeseburger Happy Meal with small fries and a Tropicana contains 29.7g of sugar.

It also has 7.1g of saturated fat – nearly half the NHS 18g daily limit for a child aged four to six.

At KFC a Kids Burger meal with a Munch Bunch yoghurt, fries and drink packs a 21.2g sugar punch.

Burger King hits the 20g sugar mark with its Kids Cheeseburger meal made up of 7g in the burger and 13g in the 150ml Tropicana.

Paul Evans, of the British Obesity Society, said: “These findings highlight a reckless disregard for children’s health.

“Selling food like this to parents directly fuels rising rates of childhood obesity.”

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