Opinion | The Florida Recount

To the Editor:

Re “Judge Urges Parties to ‘Ramp Down’ Rhetoric in Florida Recount” (news article, Nov. 13):

Recent comments by President Trump about fraud in the Florida elections are deeply disturbing. Even the Florida judge who is adjudicating one of the lawsuits brought by Gov. Rick Scott, who is a candidate for the Senate, has called for all parties to “ramp down the rhetoric.”

If the leader of the United States can disparage free elections and call for an end to counting votes, what message does this send to other, less secure democracies?

I wish that our former presidents would issue a statement in support of counting every single vote. At this time of great peril, we need leaders with moral authority to step up and support democracy in our country. Former presidents, please let us hear your voices.

Barbara Barran

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