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By New York Times Opinion

We know a little bit about what’s happened within the American work force over the past unprecedented year. We know that over the course of 2021, almost 40 million workers left a job. We know that some of them are using this time to take a break and re-evaluate what they want from work. We know that some haven’t so much quit as felt forced out by the various unyielding needs of life during a pandemic.

But we also know that many of the workers who quit found new opportunities easily: work that pays better or gives them more control over their lives. And we want to know a little bit about what this kind of quitting looks like and feels like.

Is this you? Have you felt energized by the ability to find new work readily? Angry about what you once had to put up with? Empowered by your newfound leverage? Frustrated about what even this new, “better” work still looks like? All or none of the above? Tell us about it in the form below. We are planning to feature a selection of these stories in upcoming articles.

Have you quit your job to look for new work since the pandemic began? We’d like to hear your story.

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