Nova Scotia man devours 19 donairs in an hour, sets unofficial world record

New Year’s resolutions come in various forms. Some are looking to eat healthier, while others want to spend less money.

Joel Hansen, however, was looking to do the exact opposite.

The 23-year-old Halifax native rang in 2019 by consuming an astonishing 19 donairs in 60 minutes, unofficially adding himself to the world record book. With King of Donair’s $8.04 pricetag per pop, he forked over $150 to achieve the feat.

“I like to call it an anti-resolution,” Hansen, a masters student and model by trade, told Global News.

The competitive food eater streamed the venture on YouTube, garnering hundreds of views and comments in the process. He can be seen hunched over the tinfoil field of roasted meat, tomatoes, onions and pitas, taking mammoth-sized bites while washing them down with water, Diet Coke and Fresca.

Hansen also used a healthy dose of donair sauce for good measure, and had his headphones in to keep him fired up.

But why, you might ask? Why not, Hansen says.

“The previous record that I could find was actually set by me, which was six pounds. So this really was new ground for me,” Hansen said.

This isn’t the first time Hansen has flexed his food-eating muscle. Just a few weeks prior he scoffed down an eight-and-a-half-pound poutine in five minutes, then devoured his dessert — an eight-pound pumpkin pie — the next day.

And last week, he entered a 10-pound burger eating competition in Moncton.

For Hansen, it’s all about the process. He drinks a lot of water in the morning, then doesn’t put anything in his body in the afternoon. After a food-eating mission, he doesn’t eat anything for at least 20 hours.

“Like anything, it’s something you get better at with time,” he said.

The sky is the limit for this competitive eater, whose next venture will be to immerse himself into 50 pounds of food — which he has yet to reveal.

But for the time being, Hansen says he’ll be spending the next couple of days balancing his diet, and on the treadmill.

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