How to really – actually – make a difference in your life this year

A new year can come with a lot of pressure: do better, be better, accomplish more, achieve more. It’s a chance for reflection and improvement but it can also be overwhelming.

This week, Global News is asking three experts to share small, achievable things you can do to make a difference in your life in 2019.

Stop ‘shoulding’ on yourself


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Wellness education and Empowered Yoga owner Michele Theoret advises tuning out messages from the massive self-improvement industry telling you what you’re lacking.

“I’ve become increasingly aware of how much of our self-improvement, especially goals, can be motivated from a place of should or lack,” she says.

“It’s kind of just self-hate in disguise.”

Instead, she suggests taking time for an honest assessment of your goals and priorities.

“Expectations are often disappointments waiting to happen. When we just get really clear in our hearts about what’s really important to us, we’re not so triggered or motivated by some of the stuff that doesn’t even matter.”

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