Zombies descend by the thousands on downtown Montreal Saturday afternoon

Thousands of zombies emerged from the depths of the Earth and swarmed on downtown Montreal Saturday afternoon.

Some looked really hungry and were crying out for flesh, any flesh. Others, meanwhile, were more picky and carried signs warning they prefer “organic” — organic humans, that is.

The undead hoard converged at Place du Canada on Saturday afternoon, before creeping up Sainte-Catherine street as they scared — or delighted — the crowds.

“It’s beautiful, it’s amazing,” said spectator Danielle Brunette, who was visiting from Ottawa.

“It’s my family,” said Peter Luc, a zombie who rises from the grave once a year for the occasion. He brought along daughter Lola and wife Caroline whom we had the pleasure of meeting in the flesh. “She’s sexy, huh?” Luc remarked of bloody Caroline.


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“Since I’m too old to trick or treat, might as well find another alternative,” “La Vache Qui Tue” told Global News, while holding its dead son.

If during the course of reading this story you panicked and unlocked your chainsaws in preparation for doom, stop yourself right there.

It’s not an actual invasion, of course, just the annual Montreal Zombie Walk. And here’s a secret: the blood and the guts? It’s just makeup.

But I guess you knew that all along.

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