Wildlife sightings becoming regular scene in Regina

Pet owners are being reminded to keep their dogs on a leash when outside, with wildlife sightings becoming more of a regular occurrence in Regina.

The city said there have been multiple encounters with deer, coyotes, skunks and porcupines – especially on the outskirts of the city.

If you’re not in a dog park – all dogs within city limits are required to be on a leash.

The city also said if you do encounter a coyote, make lots of noise and make yourself look as big as possible.

“They are carriers of rabies [and] rabies is something we do see. There was a case earlier this year in Regina and it is fatal to the dog and it is transferable to humans which can be fatal for humans as well,” Bill Thorn of the Regina Humane Society said.

The city is also reminding owners to pick up after their dogs.

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