Trump says will not stop Russia collusion probe

WASHINGTON (AFP) – US President Donald Trump once more on Wednesday (Nov 7) attacked the investigation into his campaign’s possible collusion with Russia as a “hoax,” but said he had no plans to shut it down.

“I could fire everybody right now, but I don’t want to stop it because politically I don’t like stopping it,” Trump told a news conference at the White House, after midterm elections left the lower house of Congress under Democratic control.

“I am not concerned about anything with the Russian investigation, because it is a hoax,” the president said. “There’s no collusion.”

Trump ripped into the Russia collusion probe earlier Wednesday, calling it a “disgusting Witch Hunt,” as the end of a two-month election hiatus freed Special Counsel Robert Mueller to resume issuing indictments and pressing for the president himself to answer questions.

The 18 month-old probe is believed to be preparing fresh indictments against people involved in Trump’s 2016 election campaign, possibly including his son Donald Trump Jr and a former campaign consultant Roger Stone.

But there has also been speculation Trump could try to kill or suppress the probe, pressing his view that Mueller leads a team staffed by Democrats operating under an illegal mandate.

With the House victory, Democrats have meanwhile promised aggressive probes of Trump’s administration and his personal finances.

When the next Congress convenes in January, Democrats will take over committees giving them the power to hold hearings, call witnesses and issue subpoenas to administration officials.

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