Seven people including children killed in fiery highway blaze in US

Seven people have died and several more are seriously hurt after a horrific multi-vehicle crash.

Shocking photos show flames soar from a HGV, one of at least two thought to be involved, on the Interstate 75 in Gainesville, Florida.

Emergency services have rushed to the scene, but have confirmed seven fatalities so far.

It’s believed a van taking kids to Disney World Resort was hit.

A Florida Highway Patrol spokesman told "several" children have been killed.

Part of the motorway has been closed since the horror smash, which took place at 3.30pm local time yesterday.

A police spokesman called the crash was "extremely severe, much more severe than what we’re used to seeing."

He added: "We are obviously concerned with the number of traffic accidents and fatalities we see on I-75. And when it rains, you can almost guarantee that there’s going to be an accident.

"I think that drivers become complacent, are not paying attention and the speed and volumes at which they’re traveling — it just takes one little thing and you can have a major catastrophe.

"I tell my own family members to steer clear of the interstate. I see the carnage that happens out there."

It’s reported the crash sparked a diesel fuel spillage at around 3.30pm on Thursday (local time).

It’s expected The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) will eventually probe the crash.

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