Schoolgirl, 15, is blinded by mysterious illness which makes eyes BLEED

A teenager has been left blind after a mystery illness caused her eyes to swell and bleed – a year after losing her sense of smell and taste to the same illness on a family cruise.

Jordyn Walker, 15, from Missouri, was rushed to hospital on December 12 after 10 days of severe stomach pain, vomiting and bloody diarrhea.

During the three to four hour wait in the emergency room her face began to swell and she lost her vision.

Doctors performed an emergency operation to remove part of her bones on each side of her face to reduce the swelling.

The pressure in Jordyn’s eyes was recorded at 85mm Hg – the average eye pressure is around 12-22mm Hg.

Despite their best efforts, doctors couldn’t save her sight and she is now unable to return to role as editor of her high school paper.

Her family have set up a GoFundMe page to research the mysterious illness and help pay for the teenager’s medical bills and transition to life as a blind person.

It reads: "In the evening of Sunday, December 16th, it was determined that Jordyn would be completely blind.

"It is unlikely she will ever see even shadows of light again.

"Doctors believe that the blood flow to the optic nerve was compromised, severely damaging one nerve and completely destroying the other.

"Her right eye experienced what in the brain would be similar to a stroke, obliterating her optic nerve and causing severe damage to the retina.

"The substantial pressure in both eyes stretched the optic nerve, completely separating it from her right eye and compromising it beyond repair in the left."

The fundraising page has raised more than $37,000 in 12 days.

It also states Jordyn was an avid reader and was passionate about photography and losing her eyesight will be a "major lifestyle change" for the high school student.

In July 2017 Jordyn was struck by the same illness on a family cruise and lost her sense of smell and taste.

When she was back on shore doctors ran a number of tests and ended up treating her for a sinus infection. She eventually regained her lost senses.

The family says there has been no diagnosis to determine the cause but there are symptoms pointing to an autoimmune disorder or Vasculitis.

A Facebook page: Jordyn’s Cause Funding Research and Recovery, has also been set up.

On Friday a post showed Jordyn visiting her high school. It read: "Today was productive day for Jordyn. We visited her school where she walked around, spoke to teachers and chatted with friends after hours.

"We are so proud of her determination and progress. Please continue to pray for Jordyn and send positive vibes her way."

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