Saskatoon yellow vest rally protests federal carbon tax

If anyone drove through Saskatoon on Saturday afternoon, they might have been held up in traffic.

A group of business owners, energy workers and farmers gathered for a yellow vest rally, convoying across the city to spread a message they hope the federal government will hear.

“Had enough of carbon tax and had enough of policy coming from Ottawa,” the group yelled.

Over 50 people gathered together to demonstrate their frustrations with the federal government in the SaskTel Centre’s parking lot.

Organizer Mark Friesen said this rally is about education and wants people to understand why they’re opposing the carbon tax and the UN’s sustainable agenda.

“You’re going to see a lot of people just like me, regular Canadians fed up with these items and issues that are being rammed down our throat and people are finally starting to wake up,” said Mark Friesen, Yellow Vest Rally & Convoy.

“We need to wake them up to why it’s happening.”

Friesen said they are worried about the trickle down effect of a carbon tax affecting fuel prices being passed down to consumers.

He added heavy industry and small businesses don’t have access to renewable energy sources to power engines in large trucks and combines.

“We have no alternative to using the fuel [and] we are going to do business as usual. We are going to have to either lay off employees or put that cost unto the customer,” Friesen said.

Friesen and other protester are hoping the federal government will take notice of the movement spreading across the country.

“It is hitting us all really hard and it’s going to continue to hit us hard. People have had enough and we want to fight back and we want the government to stop and look after Canada,” Friesen said.

Another yellow vest rally is being held next Saturday at 12 p.m. inside the SaskTel Centre parking lot.

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